Advantages of an employment contract

The court has ruled that Deliveroo is an employer and you as a self-employed person can now claim an employment contract and a subsequent payment from Deliveroo. With a contract you still have the freedom to register when you want to work, but you also have many advantages that you do not have as a self-employed person.

Some advantages:

  • Fixed hourly wage: you know in advance what you will earn, regardless of whether you have to wait a long time for an order or not. Your hourly wage depends on your age and whether a collective labor agreement applies.
  • Continued payment during illness: Certainly in these uncertain times it is nice if you are sick and still get paid.
  • Paid on holiday: If we are allowed to travel again or if you just want to rest and you don’t work for a period, you still have income. Vacation days and 8% vacation pay, therefore, you are also entitled to with an employment contract.
  • Accident insurance: If you are employed by Deliveroo, Deliveroo is also responsible if anything happens. Suppose you have an accident during working hours, your boss is responsible for the damage and not you.
  • Company telephone and bicycle? As a good employer you have to make sure that your employees can do their job. This can be made possible in stuff or a given fee for it so that you can purchase it yourself. Agreements on this still have to be made with Deliveroo, but with an employment contract in your pocket and the union next to you, you are a lot stronger.
  • Safety net: most people don't think about it, if everything goes well, but it is still nice to have a safety net in case you lose your job (WW) or if you suddenly become very ill (WIA). And you also accrue pension from the age of 21.

Collective Labor Agreement (CLA) for professional goods transport:

In January 2019, the court ruled that the CLA for Professional Goods Transport applies to Deliveroo. An appeal is now pending. We expect that the Court will rule in December that this collective labor agreement does indeed apply. That seems very logical, because you transport goods, and then your hourly wages are even higher.

As a rider you usually work at the times when most people are free. Working in the evening and during weekends also has a price tag according to this CLA: allowances. That can add up.

How much more do I earn with an employment contract?

Depending on when you work, your age and how long you have been working for Deliveroo, we can calculate what you will earn. On the basis of the Collective Labor Agreement for Professional Goods Transport, you earn per hour (gross):

Job salary scale B from the age of 21 (from 1 January 2022)

  • Minimum €11,68 hourly wage
  • At least €2,22 extra per hour after 21:00 (19%)
  • Minimum €17,52 hourly wage on Saturday (150%)
  • Minimum €23,36 hourly wage on Sundays and public holidays (200%)

Youth wages (until 21 years):

Youth wages are a percentage of the WML (statutory minimum wage) and increase every year on January 1 and July 1:

Age Youth wages from 1 July 2021 Youth wages from 1 January 2022
15 years €4,42 gross €4,48 gross
16 years €4,91 gross €4,98 gross
17 years €5,50 gross €5,58 gross
18 years €6,19 gross €6,28 gross
19 years €7,07 gross €7,17 gross
20 years €8,15 gross €8,27 gross
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