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About the FNV Riders Union

The FNV Riders Union was founded on the initiative of the Deliveroo riders

The FNV Riders Union was founded on the initiative of the Deliveroo riders. Why? To stand up for the labor rights of meal delivery riders. In February 2018, Deliveroo replaced all its employed meal delivery riders with (bogus) self-employed riders. Deliveroo'sdelivery riders resisted against this replacement and felt they were not taken seriously by Deliveroo.

In 2015 Deliveroo became active as a platform in meal delivery in the Netherlands. Initially, they employed all their deliverers. In May 2017 Deliveroo started a trial with self-employed riders. From February 1, 2018 Deliveroo only worked with self-employed riders. All employed riders have been replaced by (bogus) self-employed riders.

In recent years, the FNV has assisted delivery riders in their fight against Deliveroo to reverse the self-employment model. From delivering the demands at the door of Deliveroo's headquarters to filing two lawsuits. We expect a decision in the Appeal case that took place in September 2020 at the beginning of 2021.

Riders from other meal delivery platforms: Uber Eats and Thuisbezorgd have also joined the FNV Riders Union. The riders of Uber Eats also work as self-employed deliverers.

Together we fight for fair wages for all meal delivery riders. Want to help? Have a question or remark? Contact us!

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