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Facts & Figures

The position of self-employed meal deliverers has gotten worst in recent years. In particular, the position of Deliveroo and Uber Eats riders.

The bogus construction with self-employed riders creates uncertainty about work and income. This is evident from the reports 'Concerns about Meal Delivery' from 2020 and 'Riders deserve better' from 2019. The report from 2019 already showed what the riders are missing in income and the report from 2020 shows that politics and government agencies still have not intervened.

Rider will miss thousands of euros revenue annually

If you compare the income of a self-employed rider with what a rider earns with a collective labor agreement wage, the self-employed riders will lose thousands of euros in income:

  • Full-time rider:  €11.700 per year
  • Part-time (16h/week): €3.400 euro per year
  • Total all 5.000 riders: €27,5 million per year

Society is also missing out on a lot of money: almost 32 million euros in tax money, social security payments and pension contributions.

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