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You were already entitled to an employment contract. De judge has determined on December 21, 2021 that you are also entitled to payment of Collective Labor Agreement wages. You can calculate how much you still get from Deliveroo.

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As a rider you ensure that people enjoy the food from their favorite restaurant at home. Your working conditions have only gotten worse and more insecure. Deliveroo forced the riders to become self-employed. That's why we started a lawsuit. At the beginning of 2021 you were already entitled to an employment contract. The judge has determined on December 21, 2021 that you are also entitled to collective labor agreement wages.

As a meal deliverer for Thuisbezorgd you work through an employment agency. Are there still enough shifts for you? Do you have certainty about the number of hours you work and thus certainty about your income? If you want to know what your rights are or have questions about all the rules?

Uber Eats

Uber Eats brings in billions of euros in investment, but for you as a rider there is no certainty about your income or how many rides you will get. More and more riders are joining and you only know the rate after accepting the ride. But you cannot do anything on your own against a large multinational.

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More and more people are ordering a meal online. This is possible because you cycle (drive) through the city in all weathers. But there is great uncertainty about your income. Because more and more riders are admitted to the different platforms, competition is fierce. You get fewer and fewer bonuses and deliver at lower rates.

The operation of the app is a big black box for you and the other riders. You are always tempted by the app to work when it suits the delivery service. It's an unequal fight for one rider against a major platform company backed by billions of wealthy investors. In which you have no say or negotiating position. Whether you provide meals as a student or have to support your family, everyone is entitled to and benefits from fair agreements.

Questions or remarks?

Do you have a question or comment about working at a meal delivery platform? Fill in the contact form or send your contact details to or send a DM on Facebook.

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