Court starts appeal Deliveroo applying collective labor agreement

Door Redactie 14 April 2021

Wednesday, April 14, the appeal will be lodged in the case that the FNV won from Deliveroo in January 2019. The court then ruled that meal deliverers who work for Deliveroo fall under the Collective Labor Agreement for Professional Goods Transport.

On February 16 of this year, an appeal was already filed in another case against Deliveroo. On that date, the court ruled that the meal deliverers are not self-employed and can claim an employment contract .

False self-employed

Marije Ottervanger, FNV campaign leader platform economy: 'Deliveroo has not changed anything since the court ruling in 2019 and the court ruling in February. The meal deliverer still works exclusively with (false) self-employed people. Moreover, it is abundantly clear that the meal deliverers are covered by the collective labor agreement for professional goods transport. They bring a meal from A to B for a platform that now also arranges delivery for supermarkets and liquor stores.


The union wants justice for the meal deliverers who work for Deliveroo and last week demanded an employment contract on behalf of six meal deliverers . In December 2020, the FNV already demanded additional wages for twelve deliverers in accordance with the Collective Labor Agreement for Professional Goods Transport .

Government decisiveness is lacking

According to the FNV, the lawsuits are necessary because the government has not acted on tackling the flexibilisation and bogus self-employment that has gone wrong in the labor market. Ottervanger: 'Four years ago, Minister Wouter Koolmees (Social Affairs and Employment) indicated that he would reduce the flexibilisation that had gone too far. That did not happen. The minister has even put the law against bogus self-employment (DBA law) on hold. '

Situation worsened

The FNV sees that the situation for meal deliverers is also deteriorating, despite the fact that the demand for the delivery of meals during corona has increased. Ottervanger: 'The meal deliverers have no security of work and income and have no influence on how they perform the work. So they are at the whim of Deliveroo. In addition, Deliveroo is allowing more and more meal deliverers, which means there is less and less work. To make ends meet as a meal deliverer, you have to stack multiple jobs. Those are American conditions that we should not want here. '

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