FNV reports violation of employee rights at Israeli subsidiary Thuisbezorgd

Door Redactie 22 February 2021

The FNV union made today an official report to the National Contact Point OECD Guidelines (NCP) about Thuisbezorgd / Just Eat Takeaway. The Israeli subsidiary of the Dutch delivery company - 10bis - refuses to enter into talks with the local trade union Histadrut to make agreements about the terms and conditions of employment of the 1,400 affiliated members


In addition, union members within the company are put under pressure and management thwarts union activities in all kinds of ways. FNV believes that the malicious practices of 10bis fall under the responsibility and authority of the Dutch parent company Thuisbezorgd / Just Eat Takeaway.

Tuur Elzinga, vice-chairman of the FNV: 'The right of employees to associate themselves and to make agreements about terms of employment is a great asset. That must be respected. The way 10bis behaves is in no way permissible. A lot of money is being made on the back of these employees, especially now that the home delivery sector is booming all over the world in corona time. The fact that 10bis does not even want to talk to the union about the terms of employment is a knife in the back of hard workers. The Dutch parent company is also responsible for this behavior and cannot look away from it. '

No recognition of employee rights

The Israeli 10bis does not recognize the rights of the 1,400 employees who want to make collective agreements through the Histadrut union. Despite the fact that this is also a legal right in Israel with more than 1/3 of the employees represented. The employees want to make agreements about wages, accident insurance, weekend allowances and working hours, but 10bis has been refusing calls for months.


In recent months, many active union members have been nominated for dismissal and management has been actively trying to persuade employees to cancel their membership. In December 2020, the Tel Aviv court already ruled that the management of 10bis must stop this. Despite the court ruling, the union continues to receive complaints of management disruptions to union activities.

OECD guidelines for chain responsibility

According to Histadrut and FNV, the company violates the applicable OECD guidelines. These international guidelines are intended for companies to deal with issues involving chain responsibility. In areas such as labor rights such as freedom of association, child labor and forced labor, but also in the field of the environment and corruption. Both unions have reported to their national NCP.

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