Lawsuit against Deliveroo is victorious!

The judge agrees with the FNV Riders Union! Curious what this means for you as a rider or ex-rider with Deliveroo? Keep reading…

Are you currently a rider for Deliveroo? Or were you a freelance rider with Deliveeroo in the past?

We won the lawsuit against Deliveroo. That means that Deliveroo is required to offer you an employment contract if asked. This can mean money for you in the future! There is a large chance that Deliveroo paid you too little. An employment contract means that Deliveroo has to follow the terms of the union contract. Including for the past.

Why an employment contract?

An employment contract brings a different rate of pay, the right to a pension,payment for extra work, weekend premiums, and sick days… Not bad, eh?

But Deliveroo will appeal, right?

We’re not there yet. Deliveroo has already said that they will appeal.Deliveroo wants the joys of flexible riders without the expenses. We are ready for the challenge and will keep standing up for the interests of the riders.

What can you do?

Do you want to find out what this decision means for you? Leave your contact information here and we’ll get in touch with you soon.

Were you an employee-rider with Deliveroo in the past?

Were you at one time employed as a rider by Deliveroo? Let us know as soon as possible by leaving your contact information below. (Ex-)riders who were employees have the right to claim pay and benefits for the past at the level of the union contract. Including the premiums. We will help you figure out what your options are.

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