ZZP? No way!

Deliveroo is forcing the riders to act as though they are entrepreneurs. With nice
stories, Deliveroo is trying to convince the riders. But… there is much more behind the stories.

Why does Deliveroo want the freelance model?

Deliveroo has only one goal: profit optimisation in order to go to the stock exchange. The freelance model drives wages down, and the riders bear the risks of the business owner. In short: more cash for Deliveroo, less cash for the riders.

Why don’t the riders want to be freelancers?

It is very simple. Riders want to be colleagues, not competitors. Additionally, riders
have the right to good working conditions!

As a freelancer, riders are not paid per hour, but per delivery. Deliveroo chooses the amount. To make it worse, Deliveroo can change the amount at any time. Because they can (well, that’s what they think).

Accidents around every corner

What really hurts, is that Deliveroo plans to send riders on the street uninsured. If they are wounded and through that lose their income, because they (temporarily) cannot work, they they have had bad luck. If they become unable to work, they receive no safety-net payment. Riders can of course insure themselves against accidents and the inability to work, but this is unaffordable with the rates Deliveroo offers.