What we want

The Riders Union FNV was created through the initiative of Deliveroo riders. Why? In order to stand up for the rights of meal-deliverers. The Deliveroo riders did not feel that they were being taken seriously and took action.

One of the spearheads is Deliveroo’s freelancer model. In the beginning, Deliveroo chose to make its meal deliverers employees. In May of 2017, Deliveroo began a trial with freelance meal deliverers; eventually Deliveroo announced that it would definitively implement the freelance model. All meal delivery employees would be replaced by (pretend) freelancers. Deliveroo said that this change came at the behest of the meal deliverers, but this is not true. Link to newspaper

Why are we against the freelance model? Read that here

We have worked hard during the previous months in order to stop the freelance model. From the delivery of our demands at the door of the Deliveroo head office in Amsterdam, to the handing over of the pre-ultimatum. We have received a lot of media attention and promises of support from all corners. The political leaders also stand wit hus. But the freelance model continues, and the contracts from the meal delivery employees are almost finished. Time to win this! Do you want to know how? Do you want to help us think this through, do it, and make your voice heard? Get in contact with us!

Do you work for another meal delivery company such as Thuisbezorgd.nl or UberEats? Do you too experience problems or have questions? Let us know! Click on the relevant logo.