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International call do not invest in Deliveroo because of bad working conditions of riders

Stop the pandemic profiteering

Door Redactie 11 March 2021

FNV Riders Union supports the international campaign # Rights4riders. Deliveroo's revenue soared during the pandemic. Now the investors in Deliveroo want to make billions from an IPO, while the meal delivery companies are struggling to make ends meet.

Together with the international network of the ITF (International Transport Federation), we are calling on Deliveroo to stop paying piece wages, endanger the safety of meal deliverers by hunting them down and ignore their basic labor rights. On the website you can support the international appeal by sending a letter to the CEO Will Shu.

Sham construction self-employement

Deliveroo has announced that it will go public in England for a record amount this summer. FNV calculated that platforms such as Deliveroo and Uber Eats in the Netherlands alone save 54 million annually on labor costs by using the construction with self-employed workers. At the beginning of this year, the Dutch court ruled for the second time that Deliveroo meal deliverers are entitled to an employment contract and are not self-employed. Deliveroo's meal deliverers were employed by Deliveroo until February 2018, but the company stopped doing so.